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Welcome to Home Brewing


Why We Have Moved To An Online Platform

We have previously taught our Home Brewing and Home Barista courses in-person but due to COVID-19 we have decided to move our courses to this online platform. This is due to physical distancing measures that we would have to take and for sanitary reasons (we would have to sanitize all the equipment between each student and instructor).

With our online courses you are still getting the same great instructors (Graham and Mila) with assistance through the discussion panel (ask all your coffee questions there and we will answer them promptly), course content for you to download and print, and if you selected the "The Course With Some Coffee" you will be getting trusted Monigram coffee to work with as you follow along with us.


Owner / Head Roaster

Graham Braun

Graham took his coffee hobby way too far. When it got to the point of a propane fired drum roaster in his basement (perhaps not to code) and a desire to escape the office life, he joined his wife Monica to open Monigram (Monica and Graham, get it?). For 8 years he’s roasted commercially. As a mechanical engineer, the concepts of experimental design and repeatable processes came naturally. He described his ultimate job goal as “Roast and Host” and now he’s achieved it.

Manager, Operations and Coffee Education

Mila Green

Mila has been with Monigram Coffee Roasters since 2016 and has been working in the coffee industry since 2015. She has taken many coffee education courses including Specialty Coffee Association Barista Courses to learn the specialty coffee industry standards. Mila has also been on the sensory judging panel for Canadian National Barista Championships and for Canadian National Brewers Cup.


  • Video Content

    Most of the Content will be presented in a video format so you can see how your favourite baristas make coffee

  • Learn to Be a Home Barista In No Time

    These courses should take you about an hour to complete from start to finish.

  • Discussion Panels

    Make sure to use the discussion panels to your advantage. Ask all your coffee related questions there and we will help you and your fellow coffee nerds brew good coffee.

  • Learn From Anywhere

    Learn how to brew coffee no matter where you live.

  • Free Booklet

    Receive a free PDF booklet to download and print for you to follow along and take notes.

  • Free Coffee

    We will be shipping a bag of coffee roasted by your truly to you once you sign up and our course is live!

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